An easily accessible DEX solution
for people and businesses around the world

A decentralized exchange 
running on the Signum blockchain

Built for everyday transactions.


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DEX designed for everyday use

The Signum network provides world-class features to ensure users can send and receive digital payments quickly and securely.

Based on smart contracts 

BTDEX makes use of automated smart contracts to protect your funds and ensure buyer and seller protocols are followed..

Always your keys and no KYC

BTDEX is a real peer-to-peer platform that manages the complete trading protocol on-chain. Start cross-chain trading with just a Signum Account - no registration or KYC requirements.

A unique, serverless, non-custodial exchange method
for cryptocurrencies & fiat currencies


No need for KYC (know your customer), name, ID, registry, address, or email.
Decentralized, it is available in all jurisdictions with no central website or server to shut down.


You keep custody of your funds in your own smart contract, all automated in a simple user interface. An advanced mediation system solves any possible trade disputes.

Rewards &  Low Fees

No trading fees for creating an offer on the cross-chain markets plus earn Trade Token (TRT) rewards. Only 0.25% trading fees for taking an offer.

Open Source

The BTDEX application and the cross-chain/fiat smart contracts are open source. No need to trust your funds to closed source solutions.

It is based on smart contracts & on-chain encrypted messages.
Fees are distributed among Trade Token (TRT) holders.

Download the BTDEX wallet (version 0.6.8) here:

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